VIN code or VIN number – what is it?

VIN number, Vin code or vehicle identification number is a unique set, which consists of seventeen symbols and it is given to the vehicle, it characterizes a certain car, it is like a number of recognition of the car, designed for identification of the manufacturer of the car. Also, as well as each of us has a certain personal code, and cars have it also. Knowing it, it is possible to receive the report on history of the concrete car. It is special number of recognition of the car, which consists of 17 letters and numbers. Americans in 1950 started marking the cars first in such a way. So this identification code was called VIN code. Its purpose was to provide accurate information on the vehicle. Researches also showed, that the first VIN numbers had different variants, and each producer made them in own way. Only from 1980th years in the USA there was a requirement, that VIN numbers of all vehicles have to be formed of 17 symbols. This the introduced system of marking by VIN is used and today. In the European Union the directive was accepted for VIN code, which is applied to all EU member states. There is the international agreement according to which inspection of VIN is carried out: no matter in what country the car was constructed or registered. Both in Germany, and in the Baltic States, France and in other countries all vehicles have this unique code, and events according to this number are registered in the international database.

Code to the vehicle usually is given by its producer, and in a code the coded information means model, brand, engine type, year of manufacture and other important things. The VIN code is used for designation of all vehicles (commercial cars, passenger cars, buses, trucks and mopeds). The VIN code reflects history data of all vehicles. You will learn everything about the car, the motorcycle, camper, truck, etc, you are interested in which. It will reveal you all past of the car: what events were registered, what visits to car services were done and you will be able to learn history of technical inspection in detail.

This system of marking of vehicles, using VIN codes, was developed on the basis of ISO 3779-1983 standards and it is used since eightieth years of the last century (1982). The VIN standard is applied in many countries and it is used by all large producers of cars. This code is used in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Europe and other countries.

VIN number characterizes any unique car, which was made for the last 30 years. Producers are responsible for numbering of VIN.

VIN number is stamped on the car’s carcase (body) during its production. Some producers in new models of cars stamp it in such manner, that the VIN code would be visible through a car windshield (in the lower part), it is like an additional tool of protection of the car. It is possible to determine by VIN code precisely date of production and an origin of model of the car.
VIN check is very important, buying a car
Each of us, buying used car, wants to find out everything about it and receive as much as possible information. Most often sellers of cars don’t hurry to reveal shortcomings of the sold car, thus, you will know about them only after certain time after acquisition of the vehicle. Such delayed information quite often can cost hundreds or even thousands euro, therefore before making a purchase, it is necessary to examine attentively, what you buy. Before purchase of the used car it is very important to decipher in a VIN code the coded information from the producer in order to check, if information of the seller coincides with real information. In this case you should not pass any discrepancy of equipment or dates, because it can be a sign, that it is necessary in more detail to take an interest in history of this vehicle or absolutely to refuse such purchase. Before purchase of the vehicle you will have a preliminary advantage. Everyone, selling the car, tries to get the maximum profit. There are many cunning sellers, and the VIN code will help you to learn all truth about your future vehicle. Check of VIN code is the most exact way of check of the car. Some of the most widespread cases of fraud, which can be determined, having checked a VIN code, are given below:

  1. Thefts of vehicles – purchase of the stolen car;
  2. Replacement of the factory equipment – in this case it is necessary to check originality of complete set of the sold car, to collect information, with what installed equipment the car left plant. If there are any discrepancies, it is possible to bargain about the car price.
  3. Various incidents and accidents – some cars can be on sale as “never having an accident and weren’t broken” though actually it simply very well repaired. Decoding of VIN number allows us to receive information on facts, if this car got to a road accident somewhen.
  4. Untwisting of the odometer – check of VIN code allows us to see history of change of data of mileage. In this case it is enough to record some indications of the odometer, and in certain cases and only, i.e. the last and it will be possible simply to check correctness of the existing run;

Some places, where it is possible to find car VIN code, are given below:

The VIN code can be found on the special plate, which can’t be separated from the car. The table, as a rule, can be found at the left window, the right forward seat. The VIN code can also be looked for in a compartment of the engine or at the right wheel. Producers of cars various models of vehicles mark by VIN number in different places.
The VIN code can be found in registration documents of the car.
The VIN code is very important. More and more drivers understand significance of VIN code, it is mentioned even more often and in announcements of the sold vehicles. But it is not published by all sellers. Before purchase of the car it is very important to learn its VIN number and to check all history. In such a way it is possible to avoid fraud.
VIN code of the bought car it is possible to check in database state enterprise “Regitra”, where for check it will be necessary to fill not less, than two fields: number VIN, state number or number of the registration document. In this case you will obtain basic data of vehicle, information on validity of the insurance policy and the latest data of run, recorded during technical inspection.

Having checked a VIN code, it is possible to receive information about:

  • The drowned cars;
  • Major accidents;
  • Problem cars;
  • History of names and duplicates;
  • Counter problems;
  • Financial obligations of the owner of the car;
  • Completely broken cars;
  • Thefts of cars.

These assigned unique codes for cars give unique opportunity – they allow us to trace history of any vehicle, including such unpleasant events and the facts, which are very important, as accidents or thefts of cars. Using a VIN code, it is possible to learn car history, which helps to make the correct decisions at a choice of used car. The VIN code can even help you to save money. If the car, which you plan to acquire, was strongly damaged and repaired in car services, had factory defects or other shortcomings, check of VIN code can help you to learn this information, because in certain cases to used car in very bad condition an esthetic look is given and it is put in order for sale.
Each VIN code consists of three parts:

  1. The first part (WMI), which consists of three symbols, specifies the producer (the person, the company or corporation);
  2. The second part (VDS), which consists of six symbols, characterizes common features of the car;
  3. The third part (VIS), which consists of eight symbols, specifies only to characteristic features of this car. The last four symbols have to be necessarily numbers.

Making a VIN code, it is possible to use the Arab figures and Latin capital letters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. It is impossible to use only the letters I, O, Q because of similarity to numbers 1 and 0.
Also various tabs (symbols, signs), specifying separate parts of VIN number, can be used. Producers choose tabs, because simply they can’t be identical or remind already used symbols. It is also necessary to pay attention, that in the documents VIN number is written without any tabs and gaps, in one line.