Independent expertise. Car assessment.

Every day on the roads of the country there are more and more cars, so from accidents on roads any driver is not protected – even the existence of insurance does not guarantee the absence of such trouble to drivers. Any driver, even the most experienced and accurate, may get into an accident.

Traffic accident

Traffic accident – an event, that occurs while driving on the road vehicle and with its participation, when people were killed or injured, vehicles, cargo, buildings are damaged. In this case the majority of insurance companies are trying in every possible way to reduce the payments or even refuse to pay it to customers because of various fictional reasons, so there is the surest way to avoid these problems – independent expertise of the car after the accident, because the insurance companies are trying to save in any way on payment of compensation for damage, caused by accident.
In addition, after the accident participants of conflict do not always agree with the reasons for which there was a traffic accident. Even if the parties agreed, then often there is a disagreement for amount of the damage done. And in order to determine the most realistic amount of damage to your car after an accident the best thing is applying for independent expertise of car. In this case, for the implementation of expertise and calculation of size of damage on your car it is necessary to involve the independent auto expert. The independent expert – is a link between the victim and insurance of culprit, this specialist has narrow specific knowledge in his field, his conclusion has probative value at trial. He is independent of the repair workshop or an insurance company and has the full right to use for drawing up of calculations pricing, set by repair workshops, that specialize in model of damaged car. Independent automobile expertise – is responsible procedure, which helps to assess adequately the damage of the vehicle after the accident. It also allows you to determine a detailed list of works, that are required for the repair of all the injuries.

During the examination, the independent expert will determine:

  • the existence, nature and amount (degree) of damage of the vehicle, expenses for renewal repair;
  • the causes of technical damage and the possibility of their link to considered accident (insurance case/event);
  • technology, size and cost of repair;
  • the size of the cost of materials, spare parts, payment for works, related to reconstructive repair of damaged vehicle;

Carrying out expertise after the accident takes place in several stages:

  • We will listen and analyze your problem
  • We will define expediency of carrying out independent expertise in your situation
  • We will offer less expensive way to assess damage
  • We will choose convenient for you time and place of expertise
  • We will independently inform all interested parties
  • We will professionally perform inspection of your vehicle
  • We will draw up the expert opinion within 24 hours
  • We will calculate the loss of additional marketable value
  • Other services

Nepriklausomo eksperto konsultacijaAn independent evaluation of cars, carried out by professional experts, greatly increases your chances of getting compensation for loss from the insurance company due to accident, therefore if as a result of accident your car was damaged, and you have the right to get insurance payment from your insurance company or from company of culprit for accident or if you are guilty for accident and the claim for the damages, done to other car, can be concluded subsequently, you should contact independent experts at once. Right after accident our company can send the expert on a scene. The damaged car will be examined and photographed. Also the place of accident will be examined and the situation will be analyzed in order to reveal precisely responsible for accident person. The act of technical inspection will be concluded also and the second participant of accident will sign it. Only disinterested person can make more objectively a picture of an event and enter all damages into the inspection act. Cooperation with our independent company of evaluation is more convenient and advantageous to injured party.
In this case it will be much better, if the insurance company will not be engaged in a choice of the expert, but you independently, because very often insurers cooperate with those companies on expertise, which agree to underestimate the damage which is really done to your car; the expert, who was not elected by you, can be the person, who will not take into account your as motorist interests; such expert, perhaps, will wish to get benefit from process of the assessment made by him; such specialist can be with insufficient qualification and as a result it will be necessary to carry out expertize anew.

How does our company work?

    • You leave us a request or call;
  • We agree on the time of arrival of appraiser for drawing up of inspection act about independent expertise/assessment of damage after the accident;
  • For your convenience our expert can drive at the same time with a specialist from insurance company, or separately from him;
  • On the view of car we reveal the visible and hidden damage, make the conclusion of independent evaluation and examination of damage, done to car after an accident;
  • Inspection act is transmitted to department, counting damage in order to compile the report on the independent evaluation and examination of the damage after the accident;

The report includes:

    • basic provisions, required by the law on appraisal activities;
  • calculation of damage;
  • calculation of suitable residues of automobile and vehicle wear and tear.

Independent expertise can help in many situations.

Firstly, in cases where the customer’s car was damaged due to force majeure circumstances (acts of hooliganism, lightning, tree fall, fire and other negative impacts of spontaneous and non- spontaneous character).
Second, in situations where the customer’s car was damaged in an accident, and he needs to set a sum of damage.
Thirdly, in cases where the client is involved in an accident.
Fourthly, in circumstances, where the customer is responsible for the accident and thinks, that the damage assessment, carried out by the opposing party, is absolutely biased.

An independent expert and his independent examination of cars after a road traffic accident is the first and very important thing that helps to realistically assess all the material consequences of the accident.

The work of an independent expert is mainly aimed at investigating all the circumstances of a particular road traffic accident.

The main task of an independent expert after a road accident is to study the damage caused, as well as to estimate the amount for the restoration of the car. Traffic accidents, as well as various accidents, almost always cause a lot of stress for the driver of the car, are a reason for worry and excitement. We all understand that the mere fact that your vehicle is insured by any insurance company, of course, is not considered a guarantee of receiving a monetary compensation of the proper amount. It often happens that you have to strive for a very long time for what you must receive according to the law and the terms of the insurance contract

Some drivers who pay premiums are confident that this is a guarantee that they will receive insurance compensation for the damage caused without any particular problems.

However, the statistics are as follows: when calculating the amount of damage caused to a vehicle out of ten accidents, only one driver receives insurance compensation of the appropriate amount.

In other cases, the assessment of insurance damage is biased, and the conclusions do not correspond to the truth.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to avoid.

It is clear that insurance companies are commercial organizations, whose main task is to obtain the greatest possible benefit.

Many dishonest, unscrupulous insurance companies exist and thrive precisely due to the fact that they refuse their clients insurance payments or groundlessly underestimate the amount of insurance compensation

To obtain from the insurance company an assessment of the damage caused to the vehicle or in other cases, for example, if the car is used for work and there is a need to repair it as soon as possible, they often contact the insurer. In cases where the client does not agree with the amount calculated by the insurance company, or the proposed amount of losses incurred or damage due to damage to the car, the losses for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners or voluntary insurance of motor hull insurance were incorrectly calculated, it is recommended to contact independent automotive expert

An independent automotive expert comes to the site and inspects your vehicle.

He takes pictures of all available places of the car that were damaged during a traffic accident, and subsequently prepares an inspection report for your car.

Also, all persons interested in this can be invited to the place of this examination

An independent automotive expert and an independent examination conducted by him is an excellent way to establish the objective amount of damage caused to a vehicle, since often when assessing by insurance companies, the amount of damage is significantly underestimated, it happens that damage is calculated not for all parts of the car or there are hidden after a traffic accident.

In no case should you agree with the incorrectly calculated amount of damage, since in this case there will simply be no turning back.

In order to be able to make a real assessment of the damage of a transport accident, it is best to immediately seek help from an independent expert who will conduct an examination.