Purpose of independent expertise and benefit

Nepriklausoma automobilio ekspertizeAny driver isn’t protected from a road accident ‒ even existence of an insurance doesn’t guarantee you absence of such trouble. Accidents with participation of expensive cars can become a real catastrophe. Serious damages of the car demand expensive repair.
Independent expertise of the car after accident is a service, which each driver needs, who became the participant of accident and who wants to receive payment of damage for repair of the vehicle from insurance company.
Some drivers try to evaluate independently the damage of car, using information from the Internet, where it is offered to compare it with analogs. It is clear, that such assessment is carried out only “for itself”, and it is not competent work of the appraiser of the vehicle.
The qualified car expert appraiser perfectly is oriented in the existing market of vehicles, that gives him possibility without any problems to do various tasks of assessment (expertise of automobile), which are set by the customer of service. Expertise of automobile (car assessment) is carried out by independent car experts appraisers at the high professional level taking into account all factors and criteria, having influence on determination of market value of the car.
Insurers can make calculation of a loss by their own efforts or send you to that company of evaluation, with which they constantly cooperate. In fact, in both cases the amount of compensation can be various, but it will seem to you insufficient for repair of your car. The dependent expert works in insurance company or specialized repair shop and uses for calculation of cost of necessary repair work that pricing, which is approved and applied in this concrete enterprise. Being the employee of insurance company or being dependent on its orders, such expert will be hardly initially motivated to a neutral assessment. Practice shows, that completely you shouldn’t trust insurance company in this question. In the insurance or guarantee case with the car quite often owners of transport face unfair work of the companies of evaluation, recommended by insurers or the service centers. Such autoexamination doesn’t reveal all damages, significantly underestimates the sums of repairs and blames for damage the owner of a car etc., i.e.carries out procedure with the maximum benefit for insurance companies. Many motorists know, that at disputes with insurance the vicious circle turns out: incorrectly assessed damages, long disputes begin and there is a delay of insurance payments. Only independent expertise of car quickly solves these problems, using exclusively lawful methods.
Choose, what is better: to lose months on disputes on insurance payments and all this time to be without money for repair, or quickly to solve dispute for moderate remuneration, using independent expertise of car.
Carrying out independent expertise of a car is not usual formality, unnecessary for car owner, how insurers try to assure you of it. It is very important procedure, because only independent expertise and an assessment of the car after accident, which is carried out by the uninterested expert, will help to estimate really the size of material damage and in fact it is the only documentary basis to demand from insurance company adequate compensations of the suffered damage.
Cooperation with the independent company of estimation is more convenient and profitable for the injured party in case, if you want to get paid not conditional sums, but such, which are enough to repair received your car damage, you shouldn’t agree to services of the car expert, offered by insurance company – even if it is free. As practice shows, in similar cases results of expertise are very biased, and the sums of insurance payments – the extremely insignificant in comparison with really suffered damage. In this case carrying out independent expertise of car with an assessment of damage will help to defend your rights and quickly to return car’s working condition.

Expertise of car

Expertise of car (car assessment) includes carrying out the whole complex of the actions, providing to the driver the qualitative and authentic report on the market value of such or other vehicle. The report, which is prepared by the appraiser of cars on the basis of the conducted researches, will include all factors, which were taken into account by the appraiser of a car, carrying out an assessment of the car. It is difficult to overestimate importance of the report from the expert in an assessment of cars, it is the document of an official sample, which can be shown in any organization or instance.
Our company offers you a professional independent assessment of damage in any cases of damage of the car during accident. Write and necessarily keep our phone! And then, if something happens to the car, you will have an accident, insurance company will refuse to pay in case of accident, you will require independent car expert, you will know, how quickly to solve this problem! The professional independent car expert, with competent and exact approach will be able to relieve you of the long analysis of a situation, taking into his hand everything, that you should pass. Reliability, which is offered by our company, many car owners have already experienced. We carefully approach a question of compensation of damage, we will carry out necessary expertises and notarial estimates, accident reconstruction – so-called transologic autoexamination. In the latter case we determine reliable causes of accident, authenticity of participation in it of the declared faces, the trajectories and factors, which caused this accident, we will define degrees of participation and guilt of each participant of accident for indisputable further actions.

We individually approach absolutely each client, respecting his time. The task of the expert is the organization of the conclusion so that at the trial all necessary documents and estimates would be advantage and would provide real positive result. For this reason we urge you to do examination in a full complex and immediately. You can be sure, that experts will carry out all necessary actions for the correct expert opinion, beginning from photofixing and technical examination of the vehicle, finishing with an assessment of full compensation and a necessary package of legal documents.

Independent expertise of vehicles we carry out in some stages and it takes 2-3 days.

  1. On the basis of the contract, signed with our car expert, at the agreed time and in the presence of representatives of all interested parties (the car owner, participants of accident, insurers) technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out. The technique and sequence of its actions, and also standards of an assessment are regulated by normative documents. All damage of cars, revealed during independent expertise, is fixed documentary and using photo and video equipment in such way, that registrational, serial numbers and other features of a car, the damaged nodes and details would be visible.
  2. At the second stage on the basis of the collected information by expert and market value of repair work and spare parts independent expertise of damage from accident and estimation of cost of the car is carried out.