Payments of insurance companies and independent expertise

Today safety of movement by the car not always depends on professionalism or experience of the driver. Therefore practically each of car owners can get to a road accident. The Road Accident (RA) – the event, that occurs during movement on the road of the vehicle and with its participation during which people were killed or injured, vehicles, freight, constructions were damaged. If your car got to road incident, for protection of your interests you need the independent expert of accidents, and preferably, timely, because expertise of your car regarding an assessment of the done damage has to be carried out in the terms set by standards. Without having special knowledge, even the car owner with a solid experience can not always adequately estimate circumstances in which he was after accident. That is why timely independent expertise of the car after accident is necessary and it is a reliable guarantee of a full compensation of damage. Until accident and emergence of disputes with insurance company many drivers don’t understand, why expertise of car is necessary. You shouldn’t trust carrying out such researches to insurance companies, because you risk to face the result, when the amount of payments won’t match done damage. Independent expertise of car allows you to increase chances of winning the dispute with the insurance company.
Car owners face most often these problems: seriously underestimated, than real damage of the car, the sum of insurance compensation; unwillingness of insurance company to carry out payments, for any reasons; considerable delay of insurance payments by insurance company.
The independent expert is the specialist, having specific narrow knowledge in his area, his conclusion has evidential value at trial. At a stage of preliminary investigation in criminal trial, in civil and other disputes, judicial proceedings and many other situations there is a need for receiving the most reliable information. Its source often is the expert. Only relying on his experience and knowledge it becomes probable, that in case of dispute with insurance company on the amount of payment of insurance compensation, carrying out independent expertise of the car will become the most optimum opportunity in the effective and lawful way to resolve the conflict.
The concept expertise of the car or an assessment of cars is known to most of motorists today. Expertise of the car (car assessment) includes carrying out the whole complex of the actions, providing for customer the qualitative and authentic report on the market value of that or another vehicle. The report, which is prepared by the appraiser of cars on the basis of the conducted researches, will comprise all factors, which were taken into account by appraiser of car, when carrying out an assessment of car. It is difficult to overestimate importance of the report from the expert in an assessment of cars, it is the document of official sample, which can be shown in any organization or instance.

Autotechnical expertise includes researches on the following directions:

  1. Research of circumstances of a road accident taking into account all its aspects, separately and in a complex.
  2. Creation of mathematical model of incident.
  3. Carrying out analysis of actions of participants of traffic.
  4. Research of available photo and video documents of incident
  5. Research of circumstances of a road accident, taking into account all its aspects separately and in a complex.

The good expert – such, whom you chose in advance

The most optimum option, using which the independent expert of accidents is elected, is a preliminary choice. While your car is safe rides on city roads, you have time to make it, without hurrying, looking through all options.

Excellent choice – specialists of our company

We will quickly and qualitatively perform expertise, we will consider all actual wishes of the client, we will be able reasonably to defend our point of view in disputes with insurance company, if it is required. Independent expertise of the car will be carried out in the location of the damaged vehicle at any time convenient for you. We have all necessary allowing documentation on carrying out independent expertise of car and an assessment. Our company is one of the most reliable and experienced organizations, rendering a full complex of services for drivers. We offer services of independent expertise of the car, including — after accident. The expert assessment of the car is necessary in order to determine technical condition of car, to assess damages from accident, to find out the sum of repair of the car or to determine its residual cost. Expertise of the car can be necessary in a case, when the driver is going to sell it and wants to determine exact cost. Professional inspection of damages allows us to reveal the hidden damage from accident, which could remain unnoticed earlier. It is necessary in order to assess precisely damages from accident and to determine the full sum of insurance payment. We are also ready to give you a full legal aid and to provide representation of your interests in court. With our documents on independent autoexamination you will feel protected, successful and infinitely self-assured. We absolutely independent expert organization, which isn’t related to insurance companies, therefore the absolutely impartial. We can help even in the most complex and neglected cases, for example, when the insurance company refuses to do payments for insurance. With rich experience our specialists are able to win at first sight hopeless cases. We are capable to save time and nerves of our clients. Even if you didn’t face an inadequate assessment of damage from insurance company, simply write our phone. And then, if the icicle will fall on the car, it will get to a hole, insurance company will refuse to pay insurance after accident, the independent car expert will be required, you will know, how quickly to solve a problem!
The qualified, competent and having successful practice in the area of an assessment of transport damages independent car expert of our company will take care of your tranquillity and fair solution of a disputable situation in such cases: if you don’t agree with the size of payments; when the party, which was injured in a road accident, intentionally overstates repair cost, providing doubtful data for an assessment.
Usually carrying out expertise of car takes from 1 to 3 working days from the moment of survey of the car. On the basis of the special statement, which is drawn up by results of survey, the sum of the done damage is calculated, then all necessary documents are prepared and are handed to the client personally. Car owners should know, that correctly made expert documentation is the proof in court, and its compilers are financially responsible.
Cooperation with the independent company of estimation is more convenient and advantageous to the injured party. However you should not forget, that only the report on an assessment of damage can’t be the basis for compensation payment. Each insured event has to be issued documentary, according to rules of insurance. Therefore, except the independent expert, on the place of accident you are obliged to call the police in order to receive from police the certificate of accident with the list of damages of the car, and then to inform the employee of insurance company, who will start a court case on a loss and will accept from you already ready report on a damage assessment. You should remember your right to choose the appraiser. The insurer has no right to refuse to accept report of your expert and to insist on a repeated assessment in the company. If all documents are processed correctly, they are obliged to accept it and consider as the basis for payment of insurance compensation.

Independent expertise after accident


Independent expertise after accident is our work, we do this work many years, we are professionals in this area. And what is good work – is an everyday work, continuous professional development, application in work of the latest technologies and the modern software. We make independent expertise after accident on the newest equipment and use the most modern systems of diagnostic check. Experts of our company have a lot of knowledge, skills, gained experience. Neither the judge, nor the lawyer have no technical knowledge, which the car expert has. Experts of our company are very qualified. They perfectly know the existing market of vehicles, that gives the possibility for them without special problems to perform various tasks of an assessment (autoexamination), which are set by the customer of service. Services of independent experts and car appraisers of our company are carried out at the high professional level taking into account all factors and criteria, having influence on determination of market value of cars, we have great practical experience in this area. Cars experts appraisers of our company, besides, perfectly know all legislative acts concerning an assessment of a car, which in our country, as we know, can change very quickly. For this reason, if it is necessary to estimate a car, always contact our company of expertise of car, because we will be able to estimate a car for you quickly, qualitatively and competently, without having requested excessive money. Independent expertise of car or assessment of damage after accident, is necessary first of all for people, who faced unpleasant incident on the road as a result of which the car suffered. Often it happens, that after survey by the appraiser from insurance company, the sum of real damage is more, than the conclusion from insurance company. Insurance companies, often, aren’t interested in objectivity of expertise of car, they try to underestimate consciously sizes of damage, because wish to minimize insurance payments in order to earn more. Especially accidents with participation of expensive cars can become real disaster, because all serious damages of the car need expensive repair.
Independent expertise of the car – determination of cost of recovery repair of a car after accident for the purpose of getting money from responsible person and insurance company. Also carrying out independent expertise of car is necessary, determining the reasons of breakage of the engine, mechanism of coupling and other important and expensive units of the car.
Independent automobile expertise is a responsible procedure, which helps to assess adequately damages of the vehicle after accident. Also it allows us to determine the exact list of works, which are required for elimination of all received damage.
Today victims and culprits of the accident use services of independent experts-appraisers.

The expert assessment of the car and obtaining the conclusion allows you:

  1. For injured party to receive the effective instrument of impact on insurance companies, which “like” to underestimate the amount of insurance payments. The expert conclusion is fair compensation.
  2. For guilty party to defend the interests and to exclude unreasonable requirements of the victim for compensation payment.

Practice, shows that insurance companies carry out an assessment of damage of a car on the tariffs far from reality, therefore it is necessary to use services of the independent expert.

When you need independent expertise of damage of the car after accident and what to do, if the insurance company unreasonably refuses to pay insurance compensation.
Often motorists face such problem, that the insurance company refused in payment for insurance or paid not all cost of done damage, and that is because independent expertise of damage of the car after accident was not performed timely. In this case you need to know, that you have the right to defend your rights for full compensation of damage of the car after accident. If the insurance company rejects the claim of unjustified refusal to pay insurance, it’s time to submit the case to court. Already some facts were determined, when insurance companies come to an agreement with “their” appraisers, so it is advisable to seek independent expertise of the car damage after the accident. As a result you can receive the underestimated report, where all sum is lower, than real sum for car repair after accident, because insurance companies not always carry out precisely and fully calculations and cost is underestimated of not only spare parts of car, but also cost of works in normo-hours and other services of repair. It is made in order to pay “reasonable” less insurance payment. If you fall for this bait, you can compensate the real cost of damage only through court. All these events will drag out process of payment of insurance compensation, and independent expertise of damage of the car after accident you will have to do in order to confirm the claim price.