Independent expertise and assessment of damage after accident

nepriklausomas_vertinimasEvery day on roads of the country there are more and more cars. Any driver, even the most skilled and accurate, can become the participant of accident.
Independent expertise or assessment of damage of the car after accident is necessary first of all for people, who faced unpleasant incident on the road and as a result the car was damaged. The independent assessment of the car by professional experts much more will increase your chances to receive from insurance company compensation of damage as a result of accident. If as a result of accident your car was damaged, and you have the right to get insurance payment from the insurance company or from culprit of accident or if you are guilty of accident and you can be sued for damages done to other car subsequently, you should contact independent experts at once. Today victims and perpetrators of the accident use services of independent experts-appraisers.

Independent expertise of the car

Independent expertise of the car – determination of cost of recovery car repair after accident for the purpose of getting money from responsible person and insurance company. Carrying out independent expertise of car is necessary also, determining the reasons of breakage of the engine, mechanism of coupling and other important and expensive units of the car. Besides, independent expertise of damage allows us to reveal such important nuances as existence of contact at accident, determination of speed of transport, check of violations by the driver of Traffic regulations.

Right after accident the company of evaluation can send the expert on a scene. The damaged car will be examined and photographed. Also the place of accident will be examined and the situation will be analyzed precisely in order to reveal responsible for accident. Also the statement of technical inspection will be drawn up and it will be signed by the second participant of accident.

Practice shows, that completely you shouldn’t trust insurance company in this question. Insurance companies try to save on payments of compensations of the done harm from a road accident. Insurers can make calculation of loss by their own efforts or send you to that company of estimation, with which they constantly cooperate. Already some facts were determined, that insurance companies come to an agreement with “their” appraisers. They recommend you to contact them for independent expertise of damage of the car after accident. You as a result receive the underestimated report, in which all sum is lower, than real sum for car repair after accident, because they underestimated not only cost of spare parts for car, but also cost of works in normo-hours and other services of repair. Practice shows, that insurance companies carry out an assessment of damage of the car on the tariffs far from reality.

It is made in order to pay less “reasonable” insurance payment. And in this case the amount of compensation can be various, but it will seem for you insufficient for repair of your car. You need to know, that if payment is much lower, than the cost of repair or very conditional, it is necessary to organize independent expertise of the car after accident and to go to court.

Attempt independently to deal with the insurance company, underestimating payments or at all refusing to pay, is in advance doomed to failure. They will simply provide for you any of plurality of prepared in advance explanations, why you have to accept paid compensation with gratitude, and even at all refuse material claims. And without thorough knowledge of the huge code of laws you, unfortunately, won’t be able to disprove these explanations.

What to do, if damage assessment cost after accident, calculated by insurance company, isn’t enough for car repairs?

You need to know, that you can:

  1. You have full authority to defend your rights for full compensation of damage of the car after accident and to exact from insurance company the rest of money through court even in those cases, if the insurer considers in a different way, referring to essential circumstances, which are only and correct in his vision;
  2. To return everything or nearly all expenses for independent expertise/assessment of damage of the car after accident;
  3. To return money for services of the insurance lawyer, no matter it is simply the help in drawing up the statement of claim or for all trial in general;
  4. To exact a penalty from insurance company of 50% of the underpaid sum after independent expertise and an assessment of damage at accident;

How independent expertise and an assessment of damage after accident works:

  • You leave us the request or you call;
  • We agree about time of arrival of the appraiser for drawing up the inspection certificate about independent expertise/assessment of damage after accident;
  • For your convenience our expert can arrive at one time with the specialist of insurance company or separately from him;
  • At survey of the car we reveal the visible and hidden damages, we make the conclusion about an independent assessment and expertise of damage of the car after accident;
  • The inspection certificate is transferred to department of calculation of damages for drawing up the report on an independent assessment and expertise of damage after accident.

On the basis of the report on an independent assessment and expertise of damage of the car after accident it is possible to go courageously to court for getting your money from insurance company. For simplification of trial it is necessary to use services of the lawyer. He easily will answer all your questions and will help with the solution of your difficult situation, and also will help to make competently the statement of claim for compensation of damage and other expenses for independent assessment of damage after accident. Or it is possible to use a full package of legal services. In this case you will relieve yourself of paperwork and you will save the time. With our documents on independent expertise of car you will feel protected, successful and infinitely self-assured.
Make sure, that you have a set of all necessary documents, which confirm accident and insured event, and the conclusion of independent expertise. These documents will be required for drawing up a claim to insurance company addressed to the director, also don’t forget to attach the report on independent expertise of damage and an assessment of the car after accident.

It is possible to make a request for independent expertise in our company in three ways:

  1. By calling, telephone number is listed on the website;
  2. Arriving in our office, address is listed on the website;
  3. Leaving request on the website.

After registration your request is transferred to the car expert, who will contact you to decide on date, time and a place of survey. You will know about readiness of the report, when you will contact us by phone, you will be informed of it at registration of the request. The term of readiness of the report depends on volume and complexity of work, timeliness of providing all necessary documents and a place of survey of the vehicle. In the work we consider all available and documented data in order to bring calculations to the size of real damage, and further and insurance payment, but within the current legislation.
Date, time and a place of survey is defined only by your decision by agreement with the expert. If the vehicle isn’t transportable or you have no opportunity to transfer it to the specified addresses, the assessment of damage of the car after accident can be carried out in the location of your vehicle. Date, time and place of inspection are coordinated at registration of the request. We have all necessary allowing documentation on carrying out independent expertise and an assessment.

Implementation of independent expertise of car is impossible without presentation of the copy of the passport of the car, containing full data on its brand, numbers of a body and the power unit. Also the car expert appraiser will demand the documents, containing data on year of production, mileage, complete set. Also data on all repairs, the previous accidents, which the car had will be necessary for experts.
Also we can carry out an express assessment of your car. The express assessment is a fast preliminary estimate of damage after accident. The express assessment is the first stage of expert research on an assessment of the damage, done to your car as a result of accident or other adverse event.

The expert assessment of the car and obtaining of the conclusion allows:

  1. For injured party to receive the effective instrument of impact on insurance companies, which “like” to underestimate the amount of insurance payments. The expert opinion is fair compensation.
  2. For guilty party to defend the interests and to exclude unreasonable requirements of the victim for compensation payment.

Why independent examination in our company – the good decision?
We absolutely independent expert organization, which isn’t related to insurance companies, therefore the absolutely impartial. We can help even in the most complex and neglected cases, for example, when the insurance company refuses to do payments for insurance. With their rich experience our experts are capable to win hopeless at first sight cases.

In what cases independent examination is required.

Independent expertise can help in many situations.

First, when the car of the client was damaged because of force majeur circumstances (hooligan actions, a lightning stroke, falling of a tree, the fire and other negative impacts of spontaneous and not spontaneous character).
Secondly, in those situations, when the car of the client was damaged in accident, and it’s necessary to determine a sum of money to repair car.
Thirdly, when the client had an accident, responsible person of which has a policy of assurance, assuming payment much more smaller, than the size of the done damage.
Fourthly, under circumstances, when the client is responsible for accident and considers, that the damage assessment, which is carried out by the opposite side, is absolutely biased.

How fast is independent expertise of car carried out?

Usually carrying out expertise of car takes from 1 to 3 working days from the moment of survey of the car. On the basis of the special statement, which is drawn up with reference to results of survey, the sum of done damage is calculated, then all necessary documents are prepared and handed to the client personally. Car owners should know, that correctly made expert documentation is the proof in court, and her originators are financially responsible.
Applying for independent expertise is beneficial not only for injured party, but also for culprit of accident, because there are cases, when the amount of damage can significantly be overestimated in favor of the victim. The assessment of damage after accident will allow you to define, if you deceived. In order to make the most exact calculations of the sum of compensation and to define really done loss at accident, it is necessary to make an assessment of independent experts, which are not interested in result of researches in no way.

Even if you didn’t face an inadequate assessment of damage by insurance company, simply write our telephone number. At the right moment the expert will quickly solve your problem at the pre-judicial level, especially, if you are in time call him on the place of accident for participation in drawing up all primary documents: protocol, schemes, etc.