Damage assessment

Car Inspection


CLEARLY, but important: try not to be nervous. Keep order and consistency. The common mistake people make when an accident happens is nervous and impatient. It goes without saying that a nervous situation, but an emotion-based rush can do little to help.

Do not abuse the independent expertise (valuation of assets), unless it is necessary. Be consistent as the insurer can not reimburse you for the cost of an independent expert, unless you have recruited an independent expert before you inspect the insurer (obviously, if the insurer does not delay the process). Avoid reckless redundant actions, but keep the deadlines and ask for your car to be checked as soon as possible (as far as possible and within certain time limits). If you are in a very urgent position to receive a damage assessment (for example, use a car for work and you want it repaired as soon as possible), contact the Insurer, consult for an expedited inspection or inform you that an injury will be made by an independent expert, so that no further dispute can be arranged in advance , so that the insurer will follow the evaluation report prepared by you by an independent expert.

There is a deadline for your vehicle to be inspected and a loss calculated. The insurer or his representative must inspect your car within this time limit. The exact procedure and method of car inspection is determined by each insurance company. You must be given all the information when your car will be inspected. You must also indicate how much damage will be calculated. You can find a lot of information on these issues on insurance company websites.

If you need advice, WRITE: info@autovertinimas.lt.


Prices of services

Price Service
Practical and legal consultation / councils 0-20 euros
Preliminary consultation on expediency of drawing up the report on an assessment 0-70 euros
The report on an assessment (cars) 100-150 euros
The report on an assessment (trucks and trailers) 150-350 euros
Drawing up claims and other documents from 100-300 euros
Representation in court from 150 euros
The organization of repair work in car service 30 euros
Car rental 25-30 euros/сутки
Other services by agreement

Assessment of cars and other vehicles and determination of the size of damage

Contact us:
If the damage is done to your car or other vehicle and you need to determine the size of the done damage;
If you need consultation by determination of the size of damage or an independent assessment of the damage, which is already counted by insurance company;
If the insurance company doesn’t react to your claims because of the size of damage or doesn’t provide the definite reasoned and reasonable answer because of a subject of your claim, and you want to protect your violated rights and as the proof to provide the report on an assessment with a size of damage, calculated irrespective of insurance;
If determining damage and/or examining the vehicle, procedural violations were made and/or you don’t agree with the technique, applied by the insurer, used for determination of damage, and you need the alternative proof (the report on an assessment) prepared properly and fixing the size of damage;
If the insurance company, in your opinion, incorrectly assessed damage and counted (calculated and paid / calculated, but did not pay / calculated and called or sent SMS) too small payment of compensation of damage.

Remember that:

Refusing to pay insurance payment, the insurance company is obliged to prove the circumstances, exempting it from payment of insurance compensation (the Supreme Court of Lithuania).